I was Only Three When I Realized I was George Washington

I was around three years old when I realized I was George Washington. We were at the dining room table at our house in Queens. It was something my father said to my mother that got me thinking that we should be eating porridge. Why did we have mashed potatoes when we really should be eating porridge? My father told me to be thankful for what I had. I had so much.

Sure I had a lot. I’d always had a lot. But right then I wanted porridge. The war had taken its toll. Running the country had taken its toll. My teeth weren’t what they used to be. I wasn’t sure why. And I couldn’t even reach across the table. All of this led to the porridge incident.

My father Fred said to my mother, “Mary, this child needs discipline.”

And that’s when I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I was George Washington… in a previous life.

Because Mary was my mother’s name. And Mary was my mother’s name when I was George Washington. It was all starting to make sense.

I decided my parents should know the truth, even if it might be overwhelming for them.

“Mwah nnnn owb bwwww owwwnmmmmmnaaaa buhhhh bluhhh blllluuhhh.”

Sadly, they didn’t understand. I hardly understood. No one understands the blabber of a three-year-old,  but at least I thought I should try to make them understand. After all, they were the parents of George Washington. The father of this country. The first president of these United States. Commander –in-chief of the first continental army. They weren’t stupid people. They should be able to make out what I was saying.

Maybe there was too much mashed potato in my mouth. Who knows. They didn’t react much. So I tried again.

“Mmmmlaaaaaaaaammm. Oooooooomnnnnlllooob.”

It just wasn’t coming out right.

They would never understand. I’d have to wait. Maybe a few years, maybe a few decades. Because without a doubt I had been George Washington in a previous life. Back then I led the country into independence. I had what it takes then, and I have what it takes now.So there was no way I was going to miss the chance of leading the country I founded, all by myself, back to greatness once again.

Yes, all by myself. You didn’t see anyone else standing up on that boat, did you?


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