I Will Repeal and Replace EVERYTHING!

You think when I was George Washington I didn’t do big time repeal and replace? I did. Big time. It’s in the history books. Everyone knows it. Everyone talks about it. Lots of people have told me. Many, many people.

What do you think the United States is anyway? Maybe someone from the fake press knows. Maybe not. Only Fox and Friends, only they know. I’m sure they know. Who knows. Maybe they don’t know.

The biggest repeal and replace by far is me, George Washington, repealing and replacing England. Get rid of England, replace with the United States of America. Imagine that. The biggest repeal and replace in the history of the world, up until now. The biggest isn’t the biggest anymore. There’s going to be bigger, much bigger repeal and replace. Repeal and replace everything. That’s my new policy. If you have any questions, the answer is repeal and replace every single thing.

Because everything is rotten to the core. Everything is crumbling. Everything is a disaster. Everything is a complete disaster. That damn in California? That damn in Maine? Look at Katrina. Look what Katrina did to all up and down the East coast. Maybe other places. Maybe somewhere in the gulf.

I like golf. I used to play a lot of golf. Now I only play when I can. Like I can repeal everything.

Look at New York City. Such a disaster. 5th Avenue. Horrible. Horrible people out on 5th avenue. They should all be arrested.

Repeal the news. It’s not a violation of freedom of speech if you repeal it. Repeal the broadcast licenses. Replace with something. We’ll think of something great.

Look at the carnage all over the place. We’ll repeal Chicago and Detroit, and start over, just like we’re going to start over with education. We’re going to throw out every single text book in every single school and burn them, maybe use them in some power plants. And we’re going to print more books, better books, the great books. The people in the schools are going to love our books. Trust me. You’re going to love them. I assume it’s children are going to love our books and they will be reading them all over the place.

We’re going to repeal climate change. We’re going to repeal the FDA. We’re going to repeal anything that’s come before us, because it’s all such a big mess. I inherited this great big mess with huge unemployment and huge taxes and a huge deficit.

We’re going to repeal the deficit. I alone know how because I have an enormous amount of experience in dealing with big companies, and sometimes little companies, that do nothing but steal from you and suck you dry. They don’t deserve your money. They don’t deserve the money of the hard working American man who pays taxes. So we’re going to repeal the deficit as quickly as possible, maybe by next week or next month. I don’t know when. But we’re going to do it, and we’re going to do it real fast. And maybe we’re not going to replace it. I don’t know. We’ll see.

Anything else we’re going to repeal, Mexico, China, the Europeans, Canada, TPP, all of it. Obamacare we don’t eve have to talk about. You just let us know what it is and we’ll do it and we’ll do it real fast.

So no more questions about repeal and replace ever. This is the policy and if you have any questions read this policy. It’s a very simple policy. Streamlined, like a good machine.