Why Michael Flynn Needs Immunity Explained in Detail

Listen people. He’s not a young man. He’s maybe younger than me, maybe older. Maybe he’s some age. I don’t know.

But he’s not young like Ivanka or Baron or Melania. Vaccine

So the man needs immunity.

I’m a germaphobe. That was established a long time ago and lots of people talk about it. Many, many people. But I don’t need immunity because my very experienced doctor wrote in a letter that I am the healthiest president ever.

When I was George Washington I was pretty healthy too. Just the teeth thing, that was a problem. We didn’t have gold toothbrushes back then. Heck, it was just a willow twig, or something like that you stuck in your mouth and poked around.

I’ve stuck all sorts of thing in my mouth. That willow twig, that wasn’t so good. There are better things, believe me.

But I’m talking about Flynn. He’s an excellent general. Lots of people have said so. Lots of people are talking about it.

Sometimes he gets the sniffles. I get sniffles too, but we all understand that mine aren’t because of a horrible disease or cancer or anything like that. It’s because, well, they’ve told me not to talk about it. Those guys jumping over the fence were supposed to come to the door with my order. I don’t know why they thought they needed to jump over the fence. They always came up the back elevator at Trump Tower. At Mar-a-Lago deliveries are even easier. So many Hispanics. Who can even tell them apart? You’re doing maintenance in Mr. Trump’s bedroom? Sure come on in. He’ll be happy to see you. Done.

So yes, Michael Flynn needs immunity so he doesn’t get sick, now that he’s not working for me and stuck with Obamacare. Especially because of failing Obamacare, that’s why Flynn needs immunity.


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